Kingfisher is a dream

Kingfisher Yachting testimonial

Having a day trip out with new start up luxury sailing company Kingfisher Yachting was an absolute dream.

The trip started from Ocean Village in Southampton, where the yacht is berthed. We were greeted aboard by the owner and skipper wearing smart branded uniform. We could tell from the start that this was going to be a premium day out.

Our safety briefing

We were all offered a light breakfast and some soft drinks. Then it was a short, but concise, safety brief and an indication of what we will be doing throughout our day. Then we were off! The crew slipped the lines and we headed out.

Soon enough, we had the sails up and we were sailing down Southampton water heading for the Solent. We also all had a chance of sailing ourselves! Steering this beautiful Hanse 548 was very unexpected, suddenly we all wanted to know a lot more about all this sailing lark.

We had the chance to be on the helm

For lunch, we anchored in Osborne bay, where we were served our tasty steak with salad meal. It was such a nice day, and the sea was still warm enough, we decided to have a little swim. It was so refreshing!

Having lunch on board

On our sail back, the wind was perfect. Kingfisher was stable enough to feel completely safe, but fast enough to feel like we were sailing the best we could be. A few people were chilling reading books, some were chatting. It was sublime.

At anchor in Osborne Bay

The sails were dropped and we headed back into Ocean Village. She was berthed calmly and we were all grateful to be sailing with such an experienced friendly crew.

All in all the day was perfect. Sailing with Kingfisher, you can do as much or as little as you want to. Without the pressure either way. I can’t wait to go out on her again.

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